Friday, November 5, 2010

DIY Doily Runner

Remember this post from about 20 years ago? The one where I obsess over Ashley Ann's doily table runner and promise that I will replicate it for sis-in-law Sarah's autumn wedding? Well, I did it! I actually made 3 of them to cover her 24 foot long head table. Here is one of them. As you can see, it has made itself right at home on our dining room table.

Now I'm trying to think of something crafty to do with the other two runners. One can never have too many doily decorations, just ask my Grandma. She's a smart lady.
Have a lovely weekend!


Taylor Made said...

I was just thinking about how this turned out the other day!!! Looks great Patty! Bravo! Did you get the dollies from an old antique store?

Lindsay said...

Thank you! Yes, probably about 90% of the doilies came from various antique stores in Pullman and Spokane, and the rest came from Joann's Fabrics at the last minute :)