Wednesday, July 14, 2010


There is a reason behind this posting drought, promise.

This past weekend wrapped up my work on Pepe & Veronica's beautiful Mexican wedding. On Saturday at their reception, I came to this conclusion: entering your reception with a 9-piece Mariachi band blasting behind you is the only way to enter your reception. Period. Oh, you're Swedish? Don't care. Just do it. It was awesome. I will post some pictures by the very talented Angie Azzinnaro of Joyful Photography in the next couple weeks.

In other news, I'm thinking I will be changing the format of this blog a bit. You see, wedding planning is a side gig for me. I would love to do it full-time some day, but it takes time. I have a day job, I'm decorating our first home, I hang out with my cute little family, and I work out regularly try to stay active. So I'm thinking this blog might be a bit more interesting if I shared more aspects of my life. Let's start now, shall we?

I'm going to start a segment called "Lindsay Loves...". As you may have guessed, it will focus on things/places/people that I love. I'd love to get some {positive} feedback in the comments section if you share my love for said things. Let's begin.

Lindsay loves...

{Arizona Diet Peach Iced Tea}
Very tasty & a great alternative to soda! And it's summery :) Yum! [Sorry for the pixelated image]

{Lonny Magazine}
Home decorators/enthusiasts rejoice! This on-line magazine is full of beautiful inspiration.

{Dry Shampoo}
Washing your hair everyday is a pain, no? Well guess what? It's also not good for your tresses. I've started using this dry shampoo by Batiste every other day... it's like a spray powder that soaks up excess oil - a must for all of us fine-maned ladies. I get mine from NW Beauty Supply, but you can google it and find it everywhere on-line.

Pottery Barn's cuter cousin. I particularly love this duvet/sham set. It's on our bed in that oatmeal color. So plush and easy to design around!

What are you loving these days?

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