Friday, January 28, 2011

She's a brick....hoouuuse

I have a thing for exposed brick. It's almost as intense as my thing for doilies...almost. I've been on the fence about doing an exposed brick wall in our master bedroom. I'm a sucker for that New York loft look, so cool and chic yet cozy at the same time. I just picture myself hanging out in my super chic bedroom, hair in a messy bun, glasses on, reading wedding magazines - because I'm still obsessed - just looking so city girl with my exposed brick wall. Simple dreams I have people, simple dreams.

I made up my mind a couple weeks ago that it was a no-go. A combination of self doubt/expenses/big project/resale value/hubby thinks it's a terrible idea woes had me flip flopping. But when I run across the pics like I'm about to share, my heart starts to pitter patter and I feel like I must give it a second chance. First, a pic of our room as is:

You can't tell by this picture, but it's really quite large, we are super lucky. Two huge, organized(!) closets and plenty of space for our King size bed. Can't you just picture it?! Here's my vision: I would take out the backs of the bookshelves on either side of the bed, add an upholstered (DIY) headboard, add a new light fixture (current one is simple, flush to ceiling), install hardwood, find a bench for the end of the bed, and bring in a flokati to anchor it all together. I just think it would be lovely. Check out some of the spaces that have been inspiring me...

Kind of starting to dig colored window frames due to spaces like this one.

This totally plays into to my girly girl ways.

Shut the front rustic and romantic.

Love those mismatched mirrors.

What do you think? Does adding a brick wall limit potential buyers down the road? We aren't planning on selling ANY time in the near, or distant, future, but it is something to consider. Ok, one more pic, just because I like to end on a positive note. 

Get. In. Ma. Bedroom.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Word Up

Like many newly weds, the majority of the art on our walls consists of wedding pics. Don't get me wrong, love them, but we're starting to feel a bit vain. It feels like Mr. & Mrs. W shrines are lurking behind everyone doorway. So I'm feeling the need to add a little variety with some other pieces. 

Word art is a fun way to spruce up your walls while putting your personality on display. Here are some ideas I'm loving right now.

An original DIY project from Kara Paslay, such a great saying.

I've professed my love for this print from Jen Ramos at Made By Girl many a time. My favorite sister in law just happened to purchase it for me for Christmas. Love her. Just need to find the perfect frame.

And my latest obsession, this gorgeous piece from Anisa at Milk and Honey Home. A rustic canvas of old book pages with a touch of glitter is right up my alley. The frame is perfect.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Doors

Nope, not the band. Just another post about doors. One of the first things we knew needed to be updated when we moved into our house were the doors. I'll let the pics speak for themselves...this is also before we had painted anything. Yikes.

Flat, brown, blah.

A trip to Home Depot with housewarming gifts of those lovely orange giftcards in tow (thank you friends and fam!) was in store. As we headed to the depot on that fateful Saturday morning, we had one plan in mind: white six panel doors.  So close-minded my friends. Little did we know the options that lay ahead.

The classic 6 panel...
the throw-back 5 panel...

the funky 3-panel...
and, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, this sweet little 2-panel. I instantly fell in love with the beadboard, "cottagey" insets, and the Mr. was pretty smitten too.

Here's a peek of what they look like for realsies:

I love them. They bring so much light to our hallway and rooms. We decided to go with dark, antique brass hardware, even though our light fixtures are brushed nickel. We're crazy like that.

On another note, I need to work on my photography skills. Do not judge. Please and thank you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yesterday I turned the big 2-7. So not a milestone, but I think I like that number. Some dread getting older, but I love birthdays...everyone is especially nice to you. I didn't really make any New Year's resolutions, so I decided to make a birthday resolution instead: do something each day that is just for me. So selfish, right? :) Mostly, I just want to motivate myself to work on this blog, create, do projects around my house...things that I love that I can share with others. So it's really not that selfish after all. And, if I follow through with it, I will have more blog material. Perfect.

So, I started with my blog header. I've been trying to teach myself how to use PhotoShop, clearly I still have lots to learn, but it is a really frustrating fun program to play around with. I love my old one (thanks, Allison!) but this blog is morphing from wedding planning/design to design in general, which I love. I guarentee it will change again, I am one indecisive young lady.

Did I mention I'm taking my first European vaca this summer? Yes, it's really happening. The flights and hostels/hotels are booked, but it still doesn't feel real. Can't tell you how lucky I feel, knowing that I get to see sites like this with my own two eyeballs...

Those colors are gorg.