Thursday, March 11, 2010

Engagement Party: Mad Men Style

Love me a theme party. Really love me a theme engagement party. I love the idea of a tongue and cheek 1960's desperate housewife-esque shindig to celebrate your impending nuptials. Whether you plan on greeting the future Mr. at the door come 5 o'clock on a work day with a dry martini in hand or not, it doesn't hurt to let him dream :) Just add good friends, a splash of Goose, and shake... 

per usual, made with the help of the inspiration board creator

Photo cred:
Edie Sedgewick print... by JesseMosher
Shades... by Marc Jacobs
Martini... Azia Restaurant
Perfume bottle... from Penorus
Heels... by RSVP
Cocktail napkin...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pocketful of Sunshine

Happy Monday, ya'll... gosh I wish I had a southern drawl.

I don't know about you, but here in the Pacific Northwest we had a GORGEOUS weekend full of sunshine and warm afternoons. It was amazing, but now I need more. MUCH more.

This has been the Monday of all Mondays, and the nasty rain clouds outside are just the sour cherry on top. This morning I needed something, anything, to brighten my day... and I needed it NOW.

Enter: Jamie Delaine Photography Not only did her creative shots of beautiful people, scenery and fashion brighten my day, but her sunny disposition (which literally shines through all of her posts by the way) was just what I needed to put a little pep in my step! Do yourself a favor and hop on over to her blog, you'll be quite happy you did.

Speaking of sunshine... for you, from ananya on etsy :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


A little early for a Fall wedding post? I think not. Just had to share this autumnal inspiration board I came up with for my beautiful sister-in-law's wedding next October. Can't wait to see that girl walk down the aisle...

made w/ love, with the help of the handy-dandy inspiration board creator over at

Photo Credit:
bridesmaid dress...
love ribbon...
tree print... by carambatack
pine cone place card holder...
festive confetti.... by ThePaperAddict
rose centerpiece... 
rings... by MintyFreshFusions