Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not your grandma's doilies...

Just wanted to share a couple of DIY's I am working on with my sis-in-law for her wedding coming this October. Both projects include one of my favorite ruffly little friends, the doily.


We decided it would be cute to place some paper luminaries on the steps of Sarah & Adam's ceremony location, but we kicked 'em up a knotch by doing a combination of red and natural colored bags to incorporate the autumnal color scheme we have going on. We also placed a doily inside to add some more interest...

We found the luminary bags online at Here's a link to the red ones. Warning - Obvious statement ahead: It is probably best to use battery operated tea lights unless you are using flame resistant bags. Wedding day fires are frowned upon. Consider yourself advised.

{table runner}

I got the idea for this next project from Ashley Ann Photography. She has a sweet little blog that features not only her beautiful photography but some super creative DIY's as well. Here's the adorbable table runner she made for her dining room table:

PS, don't you just love Ashley's kitchen? So country-cute. Anyway, here's a link to the DIY how-to. The runner I am making is for the head table at the reception, which is 24 feet long. So far, I have 14 doilies. I need more doilies, people. The 14 I do have came from an antique store in Uniontown, WA. I'll post some pics when I start construction.

Any more fun doily decor ideas out there? I have one more in mind that I'm going to toy around with this weekend... should be cute, might be tragic. I'll let you know either way!

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Taylor Made said...

OO!!! I can't wait to see your construction!!! Could you do one white and then die all the other dollies different colors for a spring runner??

Lindsay said...

I like that idea! I'm really into pale yellows right now :)