Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tis the season!

A couple weeks ago, my lovely friend Sarah introduced me to this adorable inspirational blog called Creature Comforts. First of all, how presh is that name? This sweet little spot offers lots of fun DIY projects and pretty photos that will get your mind reeling with design ideas. But it doesn't stop there.

Since this is the holiday season, Creature Comforts created an amazing on-line magazine dubbed Gifted. Here are just a few things that you will loooove about Gifted:

1. The styling - I have virtually flipped through this puppy about 5 times now just in awe of the pretty.

2. Gift ideas - ideas that you will actually love and shop for...possibly for yourself. Like this set of coasters from uncommon on Etsy...yes, those are doilies. It's like they know me.

photo courtesy of

3. DIY up the ying-yang - seriously, so many crafty ideas to deck your halls and transform your home into a winter wonderland.

4. Party ensembles - fabulous outfit ideas for all holiday events from your boss's Christmas party to that New Year's Eve bash.

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