Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Garlands, and banners and streamers, oh my!

For the record, I just slapped my self on the wrist for you all... it has been far too long since my last post! If it makes you feel any better, I blame it on the fact that I'm on vacation... in Hawaii... yeah, that probably doesn't make you feel any better, but hopefully these fabulous finds will. 

Martha's done it again with this sweet, simple garland. String it across your head table, over your dessert display or wherever else your little heart desires. 

A DIY lantern project from the lovely Once Wed...

I absolutely adore these vintage paper heart cutouts, the red ribbon is just the perfect touch. Find them on Etsy by LoBoheme. Or maybe try a DIY project with sheet music paper, old book pages, etc.

Such a fun accent to your beverage table... Martha, you slay me.

Imagine this little pretty dangling across your ceremony alter. So sweet and delicate. By Poppylarity on Etsy.

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