Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let's Get Crafty: Shadow Boxes

Who says you have to stop the wedding crafts after the church bells ring? You have probably worked the equivalent of a part time job when you add up all of the hours spent on preparing for your big day, and those hours produce some beautiful souvenirs. So what to do with any left over programs, invites and party favors? Make them a memory. Creating a shadow box is a great way to display some of your favorite wedding day mementos...

 Here is a program I embellished with some miniature brads.

A sweet, sparkly monogram I found at a local craft store and a ribbon from one of the Pottery Barn gifts we received from our registry.

Some fabric versions of flowers found in my bridal bouquet. I took out the stems and replaced them with brads to keep the petals together.

Wedding date stamped on some cute scrapbook paper, I burned the edges before I stamped to make sure the date would fit.

After gathering some pictures, I started by laying out the scrapbook paper on top of the shadow box backing, which pops right off the back of the box like the backing on a picture frame. The shadow box I chose came with a velvet back and a piece of velcro to secure the final product to the backing. Once I had all of the pictures and other elements laid out, I put some double stick tape behind each piece to keep them in place. Then I secured the final product to the velvet backing with the velcro.

Stick the backing in the frame and... tah-dah! 

Here is a list of the materials I used to make this bad boy:

shadow box (which came with velcro/velvet backing)
wedding program
scrapbook paper
double stick tape
fabric flowers
glitter letters
mini brads
photo corners


Naslund said...

Love this! Where did you get the mini brads that you used?

Lindsay said...

Why, thank you! I got the brads at a local scrapbook store. They came in a multi pack with 4 different "colors": matte bronze, gold & silver, and shiny silver.