Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Magazine Round-Up!

Happy Friday! Sorry I have been so absent this week! We have been working on lots of fun holiday projects around the house that I will be posting about very soon, including a DIY headboard for our guest room, repurposed antique store frames, and yet another use for doilies :)

After posting about Creature Comfort's holiday mag Gifted, I came across a whole gaggle of on-line magazines dedicated to all things holiday, design & decor. I can't keep you in the dark any longer! Here's a list of the reading material that has inhabited my computer screen for the last couple of weeks, prepare to be inspired!

1. Gifted - As previously stated, this is the go-to place for pretty much all of your holiday inspiration needs, DIY projects and free print outs galore!

2. Rue - The whole publication is fun, but be sure to check out the photo special with The Girls With Glasses shot at Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway... serious vintage Christmas eye-candy

3. Lonny - For all whom are still mourning the loss of Domino, this is the interior design spot for you.

4. Sweet Paul - If you only have a second to browse, you need to check out the homemade pendant light - made of an industrial size wisk - and a cheddar chive cupcake recipe to drool over.

5. Dujour - Super femme/indy styling makes this puppy easy on the eyes. And I love how many great Etsy finds are featured.

6. adore Home - For all of you sunshine kids who are already sick of the snow and mistle toe, adore just published their Summer issue. My favorite feature is on blogger Sonja Bouw's nursery for her brand new baby girl!

Happy browsing! And because I don't like to leave a post picture-less, here's a pretty print from papermoth on Etsy I'm kind of geeking over. Somehow it looks sparkly, right?

Have a lovely weekend! And Happy Apple Cup... Go Cougs!


Crystal @ Rue said...

Thanks so much for including Rue in your round-up! We're thrilled to be in such great company!

Have a lovely weekend...xo, Crystal

Lindsay said...

I am happy to do so! Can't wait to see what else Rue has in store!
Lindsay :)