Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Strapless dresses - friend or foe?

Oh, the strapless dress. Quite possibly one of the most flattering necklines out there. They make broad shoulders look delicate and create some serious shape for those of us who are a little less endowed, shall we say. But what is the one pesky little thing that can turn any strapless dress from fab to, well, flab? Just that. The dreaded armpit flab.

Yep, I said it.

The thing is, even the most svelte of frames can fall victim to this enemy of the underarm. All figures look different in different cuts so often times it is more an issue of garment fit than body tone.

But, if you are hoping to tighten up this tricky little region for your walk down the aisle, may I introduce you to my friend, and personal booty kicker, Ms. Sarah. Sarah is a personal trainer AND bride to be! When I told her about my personal battle with the flab, she assured me that with a little persistence and a couple lifting weights, this would be an issue no more. Check out her blog post dedicated to the pits here. She has lots of great work out and nutrition tips, so check her out. And since posts aren't nearly as pretty without a picture, here are a few of my fave strapless numbers for the season...

sarah seven

melissa sweet

vera wang

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RunFit said...

LOVE!! And the dresses are quite inspiring!