Wednesday, July 14, 2010


There is a reason behind this posting drought, promise.

This past weekend wrapped up my work on Pepe & Veronica's beautiful Mexican wedding. On Saturday at their reception, I came to this conclusion: entering your reception with a 9-piece Mariachi band blasting behind you is the only way to enter your reception. Period. Oh, you're Swedish? Don't care. Just do it. It was awesome. I will post some pictures by the very talented Angie Azzinnaro of Joyful Photography in the next couple weeks.

In other news, I'm thinking I will be changing the format of this blog a bit. You see, wedding planning is a side gig for me. I would love to do it full-time some day, but it takes time. I have a day job, I'm decorating our first home, I hang out with my cute little family, and I work out regularly try to stay active. So I'm thinking this blog might be a bit more interesting if I shared more aspects of my life. Let's start now, shall we?

I'm going to start a segment called "Lindsay Loves...". As you may have guessed, it will focus on things/places/people that I love. I'd love to get some {positive} feedback in the comments section if you share my love for said things. Let's begin.

Lindsay loves...

{Arizona Diet Peach Iced Tea}
Very tasty & a great alternative to soda! And it's summery :) Yum! [Sorry for the pixelated image]

{Lonny Magazine}
Home decorators/enthusiasts rejoice! This on-line magazine is full of beautiful inspiration.

{Dry Shampoo}
Washing your hair everyday is a pain, no? Well guess what? It's also not good for your tresses. I've started using this dry shampoo by Batiste every other day... it's like a spray powder that soaks up excess oil - a must for all of us fine-maned ladies. I get mine from NW Beauty Supply, but you can google it and find it everywhere on-line.

Pottery Barn's cuter cousin. I particularly love this duvet/sham set. It's on our bed in that oatmeal color. So plush and easy to design around!

What are you loving these days?

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Pamela Diener said...

Thank you for updating your blog, I've been lacking good reading material at work! I love those things too, especially West Elm. :)

The Tampiens said...

Linds! I LOVE dry shampoo as well. Like actual, true love. :)

Lindsay said...

Pammy, is there a West Elm store in Seattle?

Whit, AGREED! Dry shampoo is the best thing since sliced bread - seriously a life saver!

Ali said...

I <3 West Elm too!! That's where my sheets are from. And no there is not one in Seattle, Portland is the closest (tax free bliss).

Michelle said...

I LOVE you and your blog! Haven't heard of West Elm, but I am sure I will dive in there once I get a home of my own!

Stephanie said...

Linds - come to Portland for tax free shopping at West Elm! I'd gladly accompany you any and every time you want to hit up the spot!

Lindsay said...

Ok, time for me to plan a trip Steph!