Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Help! To fan, or not to fan??

I know this is not wedding related, but I'm in crisis here people. I need your thoughts on ceiling fans, and I need them now. Do you think they're an eye sore? Does it matter considering their utility? What do you think? I know that these are big grown-up issues, but my indecisiveness is taking over my life in a big way. I need to decide pronto if I want to have one of these monsters in our master bedroom, and possibly the guest room. Thoughts???

For your consideration, the exact model of debate:
Love it or hate it?

UPDATE: It's a no-go on the fan, friends. The reason is two fold....

1) Our ceiling in the bedroom is just not high enough, I feel like it would take over the room, like a helicopter coming in for landing.

2) I just realized I refered to ceiling fans as "monsters" earlier in this post, which should have been some insight into how I was really feeling about them. Done and done. 


The Tampiens said...

If you've got a high ceiling, I'd say go for it! Otherwise, nope. :)

Lindsay said...

That's a good point Whit...they aren't short but they aren't high either. I'm leaning towards no :)

Cheryl said...

Everytime I watch a design show, if there is a fan, they remove it. If there isn't a fan, they put one in...we have one in our bedroom and everytime I become conscious of how it looks I want to break it out of the ceiling but every summer night I thank heaven we have it. :) Sorry to be no help at all.