Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seattle, WA Wedding: Kristen Honeycutt Photography

I have been blessed with some pretty incredible friends, two of which I am honored to feature in this very post. 

First is the beautiful bride, Pamela. Pammy and I are sorority sisters and were roommates in Kirkland our first year out in the real world. She is gorgeous (duh, see below), hilarious, super laid back, and always 100% Pammy. The very first night she met Sean (the very lucky groom) at Wazzu, she came home and told us that she had met the man she was going to marry. Good call, Pammy :)

Second is the incredibly talented photographer, Kristen Honeycutt. Kristen and I also became friends at Tri-Delta. Her freshman year she met a cute Fiji boy, who is now her husband, and a couple years later she introduced me to his friend (another cute Fiji boy) who is now my husband... we still can't believe how nicely that worked out. Kristen started her photography business about two years ago, but when you look/drool at her work, you'd think she's been doing this since she could say "cheese".

Check out my amazing friends... how lucky am I??

Click on the image to view larger!

Check out Kristen's blog to see more pics of the beautiful couple and their amazing wedding day.

Photography: Kristen Honeycutt Photographer

Need more pictures of wedded bliss in your life? Not to worry, more fun photography features to come this week!

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