Friday, February 4, 2011

Can't stop thinking about....

DIY headboards. I've been wanting to tackle one since I found this DIY not long after we moved into our home, last spring. Time to get on it.

This color board has been sitting in my "bedroom inspiration" file for a while now. I of course lean toward these neutral colors, but all of those textures and patterns make it interesting and lovely. And the wallpaper headboard? So crafty.

I really like the shape of this one, and the nail head trim. I've heard that stapling the fabric to the back while working around lots of curves can be the hardest part, so this seems less intimidating.

And this is the fabric I stumbled across last night. I like the modern ikat look, but the colors (or lack of) give it that rustic feel that I love. It is $49/yard on-line, but the upholstry fabric at Joann's is always on sale in store. Might try to fanagle a better price out of them in person.

Have a great weekend!

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